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Customers from São Paulo share their experiences with our digital consulting. Entrepreneurs who have invested in SEO Consulting SP .

SEO Consulting - Google SEO Testimonial # 1
SEO Consulting: Testimonial from a client with 10 years of partnership.


To hire an SEO consultancy first understand that…

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means:

1- Search engine optimization (service).

2- Search engine optimizer (professional who performs).

It is the use of guidelines and techniques to naturally influence search engines to show your site as the most relevant result for a search.


Our SEO services will help you improve your authority and positioning in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Each SEO consulting service has a price that fits perfectly with your current need. Check out!


Um SEO budget it's free and will help you get an idea of ​​how much you will need to invest to achieve the long-awaited Google front page.

We will send a SEO proposal with a scope of actions required for your project.



SEO consulting is the contact of a professional in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to guide you or your marketing team in the actions necessary to achieve greater authority and visibility and qualified traffic on Google and other search engines.

Difficult to determine the price of an SEO service, as it depends on the requested service (there are several) of the niche, competition authority, tools used, investment in media acquisition, but if we are talking about a complete package, an optimization plan can vary from R $ 1.500,00 for Local SEO to R $ 4.000, R $ 5.000, R $ 6.000 or more per month in the search for a National ranking.

Website optimization is the implementation of improvements in the structure of the website and consequently the hosting server. This way, we can improve the user experience in relation to the page opening speed, page geolocation, image scaling, image compression and resources, navigation, content hierarchy, legibility, CTA (Call To Action) Call to action, time spent on the site, reduced bounce rate and increased conversion rate, and more.

You can improve your website's SEO as follows:

  1. Create a professional image for your company.
  2. Do an accurate search on your keywords
  3. Put your keywords in the url, title, description and content in a natural way (do not force or "fit").
  4. Create friendly urls).
  5. insert staggered, compressed and geolocated images into the content.
  6. always use your password to name your files.
  7. use the tag “title” and “Alt” in the images.
  8. Create eye-catching headlines with a maximum of 60 or 70 characters.
  9. Create accurate descriptions on the subject of your page with a maximum of 150 or 170 characters.
  10. Create original, quality content.
  11. Use “<link rel = canonical”.
  12. Use microdata, microformats, .json and open graph protocol
  13. Enable the server cache
  14. Enable gzip
  15. If so, keep themes and plugins up to date
  16. Always use the most current version of your PHP
  17. Create a sitemap.xml with your pages that should appear in searches
  18. Create a robots.txt file excluding the pages that should not appear in the searches. (don't forget to insert and authorize your sitemap.xml in your robots file)
  19. Place the Google Analyctis code on your website to measure data
  20. Create your Google Search console dashboard
  21. Place the Google search Console html verification file at the root of your server
  22. Upload the sitemap.xml to Google Search Console.
  23. Request indexing of your site.
  24. Check that the correct pads have been indexed.
  25. Create as many social networks as you can.
  26. Promote your content on your social networks.
  27. register with local directories.
  28. Create your Google my business business profile and fill it out completely
  29. Enable your website my business from Google profile.
  30. Upload a lot of photos, videos, articles on your profile.
  31. Monitor and analyze Google Search Console and Google Analyctis data and make necessary corrections daily.

SEO consultancy works briefly as follows:

  1. Improving the functions of your hosting server.
  2. Optimizing the structure of your website through On-page actions.
  3. Facilitating the indexing of your pages in search engines.
  4. Creating a good backlink profile to increase the authority and visibility of your website. (Off-page)
  5. read How to improve your website's SEO.

SEO consultancy serves to increase your authority, visibility and traffic on your website. Increased your opportunities to turn leads into customers and generate great business.

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